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This blog is about my books (of course), but it's also about writing in general and the editing process. I love the puzzle of a novel, and I'm happy to share anything I know about editing and revising. Any questions? Leave them in the comment box or send me an email, and I'll address them as quickly as I can.

Editing Services

I would love the chance to edit your book! And the good news is that editing just got a lot cheaper and ten times faster. I am currently the world's biggest fan of the chapter summary edit (for more info keep reading), but if what you're looking for is a traditional, full developmental/line edit I do those as well (time permitting). If you're interested in having me look at your completed manuscript for a quote, send the following information (or questions) to jlvbaxter@yahoo.com:

1. Your title, genre, and word count.
2. A 1-2 page synopsis of your manuscript.
3. The editing history of your manuscript and what kind of edit you are looking for.
4. The first chapter. (optional)

Different Edits Offered:

Developmental Edit - For this type of edit I will carefully examine every aspect of your ms, including the plot, structure, pacing, characterization, character development, the point-of-view used, etc. The resulting feedback and suggestions often include a separate write-up to break the edit down and give a clear idea of how best to tackle the next phase of revisions. These edits are the most expensive.

Line Edit - These are less intense than a Developmental Edit, and are generally only suited to manuscripts that have already had the necessary restructuring done and have been revised several times. Line Edits range from heavy to light and are priced accordingly - although I do my best to be affordable.

Chapter Summary Edit - These cost a fraction of the price (and time) it takes to get a Developmental or Line Edit, and are amazingly beneficial - especially when there are structural and/or pacing issues. Instead of sending me your entire ms, write out a detailed summary of each chapter, including the beginning and end of each scene and the pov being used. The more information included the better, and it's important to convey your characters' emotional responses, reactions, and motivations as much as possible. A typical chapter summary is in the neighborhood of thirty pages, but if your word count is higher than 100,000 the summary will need to be longer than that. I also like to see the first three chapters to give me an idea of the writer's style and the general tone of the book.

Feel free to email me if you aren't certain what type of edit will best suit your needs, and keep in mind that I don't have nearly as much availability for developmental or line edits. And trust me, the summary edits are well worth the price. They are also extremely well-suited to first-manuscripts, as they tend to be less overwhelming and focus primarily on the big, overall picture of plot, pacing, and story arc. They are also BY FAR the best value. This probably has me more excited than anything else because I finally feel like the average, struggling author has a shot at getting their ms professionally edited at a price almost anyone can actually afford.

Email me for pricing quotes, although I'll be able to give you a much more accurate estimate after you've sent me the information above. My goal, however, is to make my editing as affordable as possible since a good edit is such a critical part of every author's success.

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