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This blog is about my books (of course), but it's also about writing in general and the editing process. I love the puzzle of a novel, and I'm happy to share anything I know about editing and revising. Any questions? Leave them in the comment box or send me an email, and I'll address them as quickly as I can.

My Books

Laryn Rising (The Chronicles of Nequam, Book One)

Conditioned to abuse and control, Laryn is also incredibly determined to protect her family and keep them together—even if it means risking the unknown and leaving behind Earth and all the technology and security it holds. 

Every aspect of life is dictated for citizens of the Federation’s lowest class, so Laryn and her sisters—despised misfits in the genetic caste system—are shocked when the Feds give them a choice: stay and face separation and the dangers of communal housing, or join a group of colonists traveling to a pastoral colony on the distant planet of Nequam. 

‘Pastoral’ is just another word for primitive—a concept Federation citizens can hardly comprehend—but Laryn and her sisters decide to risk the unknown and board the colonial ship bound for frontier life. 

Quickly discovering that freedom means responsibility, they struggle to learn the skills required for a life of self-sufficiency. All of it is overwhelming, but nothing compares to the difficulty of sorting out the social and emotional challenges of their new culture. 

For Laryn things become even more difficult when a man slips past her carefully built defenses, and she is soon faced with the impossibility of choosing between the love of a man and the security of her family. 

Wrestling with her priorities and struggling to choose between her sisters and the newly-discovered wonder of love, it seems to Laryn that both sacrifice and loss are unavoidable as the Speedwell hurtles ever closer to her new home. 

Unpredictable and emotionally charged, Laryn’s story is about self-discovery and the harsh realities of choice. Desperate to find where peace and accountability meet, she must choose—but how will she decide? 

Finding Shemballah (The Chronicles of Nequam, Book Two)

When Laryn steps off the shuttle on the planet of Nequam the reality of her new life is very different from what she had envisioned for herself and her sisters. Faced with social, emotional, and romantic trials, she tackles each with the same unconquerable spirit that saw her through her experiences on the Speedwell. She continues to progress as a colonist, an individual, and as a wife, but will it be enough to sustain her through the most difficult struggle of her life? Standing to lose more than she ever thought possible, she again must choose—but this time there is much more than her own happiness at stake.

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